got some treats for the ciao today:

little bummed to say there was some haking involved. the hpi had a 3 bolt pattern while the case had a 4 bolt pattern. oddly enough, the internal rotor installation instructions have the same 4 bolt pattern. who cares. gunna make this work.

started by cutting the posts down to create an even mounting surface. should have used a mill. drank beer and used a 4.5″ angle grinder instead.

after the posts were even, I discovered the provision for the crank seal was higher than the posts. so I opened up the stator backing plate to clear the case.

after all this, I’m bummed to say that even if I get 2 of the 4 case bolts in with the stator, it’s not centered on the crank. it’s appear that I need to drill out the stator and set the timing with the keyless rotor. challenge accepted. kinda a bummer I won’t hear it fire tonight though

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