my rod

i traded the bel air straight across for a new blank canvas. this thing is pretty alright just the way she sits, but I’ve already put together a long list of tweaks and changes that she’s gunna get this winter. I’m trying very hard to keep driving it for the rest of the summer without pulling it all apart and taking it out of commission.

It’s a 1927 model t roadster with a drivetrain from a 1964 falcon sprint. that means a prett odd ford 260ci V8 with a 2 speed fordomatic transmission. a certified powertrain driveshaft links that to an 7.5″ GM 10 bolt rear end with an open carrier and a set of 3.42 gears. drums on the rear, but the matching s10 spindles up front make for discs with single piston calipers. that’s all controlled by a tandem master, residual valves front and back, and a proportioning valve. the 260 motor has been bored over .040 so she’s sitting right around 266 ci. that’s being fed by an autolite 2100 2 barrel carb with the auto choke deleted. steering is managed with a mustang II rack and pinion that still needs sorted out. seats are out of a garden tractor, potato bags line the interior and the floor is ABS plastic lined with a budweiser tin.

there’s plenty of good stuff here, I just can’t wait to make it great


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