Mitsuba (NC50) stator on a V1

I hacked a Honda express ignition onto a V1 yesterday. Didn’t take a ton of work and I got it to fire.

You have to remove the two mounting tabs that the Honda express uses, and make the back of the stator plate flat. Then the cam contacted the stator plate in the center, so you can either grind down the cam, or remove the center of the stator plate. I opted to remove the center of the stator plate.

The outer diameter of the stator plate is smaller than the CEV stator plate, so it fits just fine in its place. There aren’t mounting holes that match the V1, but there’s a good spot to drill two holes to match the original ignition mount. Make sure it’s nice and centered so there’s no contact on the magneto.

To be safe, I clipped the excess plastic on the top of the coils, and rerouted a few wires to the back of the plate to make sure the coils wouldn’t contact the magneto. The cam works just fine on the CEV magneto so everything was happy. First try to get spark was a success. By the end of the night the motor was running

The result? Honda OEM ignition reliability, and no fan mounting issues because we’re still running the CEV magneto. Win : Win






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