an Italian

Got started on my first minarelli, a Cimatti Citybike. i mocked this up with nash over the other day and I made it stick today. 17″ cub wheels, a bat fork, apes, a frame brace, snark tank, and a couple other touches



Had to narrow the rack in the front and the rear to fit the pole position seat.  I cut out a section and bent the rack inward.  then welded in supports



To fit the 17″ cub wheels, the axel rides at the very back of the dropout.  The cap keeps the axel from dropping out and reinforces it in the process.20131117-161740.jpg


Capped off seat post20131117-161757.jpg


frame brace20131117-161805.jpg


head tube20131117-161810.jpg


rear tank mount20131117-161816.jpg


front mount20131117-161823.jpg

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